Our background

PARTENAIRES PI is a human-sized intellectual property law firm created in 2006. It is the result of a partnership of two intellectual property lawyers who worked over several years in prime Anglo-Saxon and French law firms.

In view of this extensive experience PARTENAIRES PI’s partners have combined their skills to assist their clients in defining and implementing intellectual property strategies.

We also provide advice, assistance and/or representation to our clients for obtaining, maintaining, defending and valuating their intellectual property rights and related rights, in France and abroad.

Our specificity lies in combining actual expertise in intellectual property and bespoke assistance for our clients, based on their needs, objectives and budgetary requirements.

We deal with general, legal or operational departments both in the day-to-day management of intellectual property rights as well as one-time rationalisation, auditing and valuation of portfolios of rights.

We directly assist and represent our clients before the INPI, WIPO and OHIM, and via a network of associates carefully selected for procedures abroad.

With a dynamic and innovative structure, our organisation has been designed to promote a responsive and interactive exchange with our clients. We continually look for new opportunities and challenges. We appreciate partnerships that are likely to improve assistance to our clients.