How we work

We start any new professional relationship with a business meeting, ideally at your company in order to better understand your business, your sector, as well as the requirements and challenges of your request.

We prefer frequent, direct communication. This approach allows us to include your thoughts on intellectual property, and together to identify issues to consider, improve and/or develop to implement a strategy adapted to:
   -   Your concerns;
   -   Your objectives;
   -   Your budget.

With a view to keeping costs down, we offer fixed prices for standard services (searches, depositions, oppositions, etc.). Other types of services (consultation, negotiation, contracts, litigation, etc.) are billed on a hourly-rate basis, however and if it is possible, estimates are provided.

Our values

Involvement with our clients is our main value. We approach each new project with professionalism and enthusiasm. Whether you have a one-time question or you wish to define and implement a real intellectual property strategy, we will assist you through a personalised relationship.

Anticipation is a key advantage which allows us to deal with all your intellectual property problems serenely.