Creating your intellectual property assets

Prior to acquiring intellectual property rights, a strategy needs to be drawn up to make the most of your acquisition of these assets and to protect them effectively.

We base the definition of these strategies around four specific issues:

  • Identifying suitable protection (trademark, design patent, patent, domain name, know-how, etc.);
  • Identifying the relevant territories for protection: should rights be registered in France, the European Union, abroad?
  • Identifying the area of activity and its possible specific characteristics (special regulation, etc.);
  • Identifying the competitive context of the plan.

These strategies take into consideration our clients' real expectations and budgetary requirements.

Once defined, these strategies are implemented by carrying out and following up recommended steps.


Our involvement in practice means taking a stand and sound advice in the documents setting out the strategies we recommend. These documents are drafted deliberately in a summarised and useable manner, as tools to aid decision making.