Managing your intellectual property assets

LManaging your assets consists mainly of:

  • Monitoring the expiration of your rights to take action in time;
  • Renewing your rights and ensuring their continuity;
  • Ensuring the entitlement to your rights and filing the necessary registrations in the relevant registers;
  • Organising the use of your rights by regularly collecting proof of use and by setting up contractual relations with your clients and/or partners (confidentiality, license, transfer, franchise/distribution, R&D partnership agreements, etc.).

We have high-performance software which allows your rights and their validity period to be managed peacefully. This tool allows you to carry out the management of your assets online.

The expiry date of your rights will be communicated to you when necessary and within a time period which gives you a necessary reflection period to make a suitable decision.

The holding of a meeting at least once a year will allow us to anticipate the evolution and implementation of the intellectual property strategy.

This monitoring allows you to assess the suitability of your industrial property assets to your needs and plans.